Ogbert The Nerd - "I Don't Hate You"

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Ogbert The Nerd - "I Don't Hate You"

"It begins at a party and it ends at a funeral. Everything in between is a pretty long story. It's gotta mean something." -Ogbert

Here it is. Ogbert The Nerd's long awaited Debut album "I Don't Hate You" is brought to you on Vinyl. Don't miss the chance to own this legendary New Jersey Powerhouses first album.

Reminder: This is a pre-order. Vinyl may take several months to arrive. I will consistently update the status of this product on the Sun Eater Twitter. Thank you for being patient and supporting the band & label <3 Vinyl plant has estimated May for this release!

album releasing this friday. (12-11-20)

Listen Here

Track Listing
1. Get In The Robot
2. Do It For Elio
3. Buddies Lite Lime
4. Really, It's Fine
5. You Like The Raiders?
6. Mathew Renzo Vs The Hoboken Parking Authority
7. Mungas Borgar Rides Again
8. Snail
9. Rats! It Didn't Work!
10. Malkmus
11. Twenty - Four

Pressing Information

/125 Peppermint
/125 Bumble Bee

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